Chief Data and Analytics Officers Mexico 2019

On May 29-30, 2019 was carried out the CDAO (Chief Data and Analytics Officers) Mexico 2019 and I had the privilege to attend this amazing summit.

CDAO Mexico 2019

The CDAO Mexico is the most Senior Event for the Growing Data and Analytics Community in Mexico, as described by Corinium Connected Thinking (the organizer).

In CDAO Mexico 2019, we saw diverse topics related to Data and Analytics, from databases and structure of data to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Of course, the most important and relevant topics for the audience was A.I. and Machine Learning .

Talk about this amazing topic, let us the opportunity to discuss more in fact about, What is in real manner A.I and ML? Because most of the time those terms are being misused in the industry.

A.I. proposed by Adobe

A.I. from IBM – Watson

In personal, one of the most interesting discussions was that of John J. Thomas, a distinguished Engineer & Director at IBM Data and AI, because he presented the challenges he has overcome working with A.I.

He mentioned that not always being an expert coding in Python for example, we’re going to develop great Machine Learning and A.I. algorithms.

What do you think?

In personal I love code in Python and R to create my Machine Learning models.

Of course we have great companies like Amazon Web Services, IBM – watson, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Google Cloud Machine Learning to help us in develop models in a higher scale, but at the moment I feel really comfortable coding my Machine Learning Models with Python 🙂

Another one of the biggest and most mentioned topic in Chief Data & Analytic Officer Mexico 2019 was the Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is a big concept that everyone like to use nowadays but in essence What is digital transformation?

Most of the companies think that digital transformation is only jump in the digital marketing and focus in the new consumer behavior (adopting new technologies), but those big fields are only part of the digital transformation ecosystem.

For me Digital Transformation is like this picture proposed by Microsoft News Center:

You have to work in this 4 pillars to run a successful Digital Transformation and have clear that Digital Marketing is only a part of the process.

The Chief Data and Analytics Officers Mexico 2019 for me, was a really great experience. I had the opportunity to talk with collegues of other industries and to make networking with strategic partners like:

I hope the event in 2020!

Data Day in ISDI Digital Business School

Given the current importance of the analysis of data, the last April of 2019,

DAP – Data Analytics Programs ISDI

The Data Analytics Programs in ISDI, are a series of Masters programs that includes the analysis, use and management of the data with a strategic and business vision.

In these programs you see various important topics in Data Analytics like:

  • Strategy in Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Fundamentals
  • Tools and Business Analytics
  • Big Data & Cloud
  • Artificial Intelligence

Obtaining, analyzing and using data for decision making

Given the new needs of the market and all industries today, ISDI created the analytical portfolio consisting of two Masters with a methodology that allows its students to position themselves with a high professional competitive advantage and the necessary skills to cope with changes in this era.

Here I left you the full interview that ISDI did to me after my Masterclass:

Thank you so much to ISDI Digital Business School to let and myself be part of this great experience raising awareness of the importance of data science to future students.

More info: