Nowadays, everybody talks about digital transformation like the future of all the industries. The companies and professionals want to jump into this technological revolution to adopt this new technologies for implement them in their companies and make the processes more efficient.

But, do you really know exactly what is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation must be understood at 100% to obtain all the benefits

The concept behind digital transformation is how to use the technology to remake a process or processes to become more efficient and effective.

Also, digital transformation is the integration of digital technology to all the areas of the business, focusing in change how you operate and deliver value to your customers. 

But, before try to move forward in adopt a digital transformation strategy in your company, you must understand the 100% of the real implications and implementations of D.T.

One of the biggest errors done by the mayor of the most important corporatives (at least in Mexico, where resides is that their digital transformation strategy is based only in “digital marketing”.

Digital marketing, is a really important part of the digital transformation revolution because is where we have a direct relation with our customers, and we can understand the new trends, BUT is not only based on that.

The digital transformation has 5 main pillars

After many years of research, experts in this field and one of the best technological universities in the world, MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have conclude that digital transformation is based in 5 main pillars:

1. AIArtificial Intelligence

2. IoTInternet of Things

3. Blockchain

4. The Cloud

5. Cybersecurity

Adopt this new technologies, for companies that want to be more digital, is a really important piece in the construction of the way to success, but that’s only the 50% of the work.

Where is the other 50%?

Resides within your company

Exactly! The key success in digital transformation is “How you make that your employees change their thinking”

At the end of the day, you or your company are adopting new technologies to improve some processes, but guess who are going to implement, deploy and use those technologies?

The employees are fundamental to win in a digital transformation strategy, so you have two options:

  • Train your employees
  • Or acquire new digital talents

Prioritize in which areas you want to start.

For example, search for a Data Scientist if you want to apply A.I.

By last, but not least, you must have a digital business vision to track and measure all the advances in your digital transformation strategy.

The 4 main point in the digital business vision are:

1. Digital business model (launch new business with this vision)

2. Digital operating model

3. Digital talent and skills

4. Digital traction metrics (measure new KPI’S)

In we’re experts in guide companies to adopt a correct digital transformation strategy. Remember a D.T. strategy is not based only in one pillar in specific, you must understand the customer behavior and your core model to give the first step in your digital transformation journey.

Let us guide you apply those amazing technologies in benefit of your business.

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